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3 key Government bills become law

Bills C-2, C-3 and C-6 received Royal Assent on Friday.

The Senate passed three key pieces of legislation this week, including a bill that both provides paid sick leave to federally regulated employees, and protects healthcare workers from harassment.

On Thursday, the Senate adopted Bill C-2, legislation that provides further support to Canadians during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the Senate’s study of the legislation, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland appeared before a Committee of the Whole in the Red Chamber.

On Friday, the Senate adopted Bill C-3, which creates two new offences under the Criminal Code:

  • The intimidation offence specifically prohibits actions that provoke fear in healthcare providers and those seeking healthcare services; and
  • The obstruction offence prohibits interfering with access to a place where medical services are provided.

This legislation also provides 10 days of paid sick leave per year to federally regulated employees. The Senate undertook a pre-study of Bill C-3 at two committees before it arrived in the Senate.

On Wednesday, the Senate adopted Bill C-6, an appropriation act that grants sums of money for the federal public administration for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022. The Standing Senate Committee on National Finance studied the estimates before the bill arrived in the Senate.

Additionally, last week, Bill C-4, to ban the harmful and widely discredited practice known as conversion therapy, became the first Government bill to receive Royal Assent this session, after passing unanimously in both chambers.

Senator Marc Gold, the Government Representative in the Senate, wished his Senate colleagues and Canadians at large a joyful holiday season and happy new year.

“However you celebrate the season, cherish it with your families and loved ones. May 2022 bring health and happiness,” he said.

3 key Government bills become law