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National security bill clears Senate along with 4 other bills

Senate gives final approval to 5 Government bills on a range of policies.

A bill to overhaul Canada’s national security and help children mistakenly flagged as terrorists at airports is one of five Government bills to received final approval in the Senate on Tuesday.

The Government accepted two Senate amendments to Bill C-59 – one to require a parliamentary review three years after becoming law rather than the original five and another that makes a technical change in the legislation.

Four other bills are also set to be law following Tuesdays votes:

Bill C-68 restores protections to Canada’s freshwater and marine fisheries. The Government accepted Senate amendments in response to agricultural concerns about human-made waterways and industry concerns about the permitting system for large-scale projects. Additional Senate amendments in the bill ensure the implementation of two Senate public bills on marine life – one to ban shark fin imports and another to phase out the captivity of whales and dolphins.

Bill C-77 enacts a Declaration of Victims Rights in the military justice system in order to handle minor breaches of military discipline, and to address gender-based prejudice and hatred in the Canadian Armed Forces. It also mirrors the Canadian civilian justice system in sentencing indigenous offenders.

Bill C-78 modernizes the family justice system with the goals of promoting the best interest of children, reducing poverty, addressing family violence and increasing access to justice.

Bill C-84 provides greater protection to animals by strengthening laws related to bestiality and animal fighting.

Meanwhile, Bill C-82 – to implement a multilateral treaty in respect of conventions for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income – is also in line for Royal Assent after being adopted in the Senate on Monday evening.

National security bill clears Senate along with 4 other bills