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Senate sends 7 Government bills to House of Commons

Bills that begin with S originate in the Senate.

The Senate adopted seven key Government bills in June, which moved to the House of Commons for consideration.

Bill S-10, which advances Indigenous self-government, is now awaiting Royal Assent after being adopted at all stages in the House of Commons on Wednesday. The bill enacts a new governance agreement with the Anishinabek Nation and modernizes a historic self-governance agreement with the shíshálh Nation.

The other bills still before the House are:

Bill S-4 aims to modernize the criminal justice system. It helps address challenges faced by the courts, which were caused or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bill S-5 updates the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. The aim is to strengthen Canada’s chemicals management regime and recognize a right to a healthy environment.

Bill S-6 aims to modernize Canada’s regulatory system. It proposes common sense changes to a range of regulatory laws to address outdated, inconsistent and inflexible requirements.

Bill S-7 concerns traveller privacy and rights in the examination of personal digital devices by Canada Border Services Agency officers and United States Customs and Border Patrol preclearance officers operating in Canada.

Bill S-8 proposes to ban sanctioned foreign nationals from Canada. It notably ensures that those who have been recently sanctioned due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are inadmissible to Canada.

Bill S-9 proposes to update the Canada’s Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation Act so that it aligns with the Chemical Weapons Convention.



Senate sends 7 Government bills to House of Commons