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Government bills before the Senate

Legislation in the Upper Chamber—and what it means for you.

Bills are proposed laws. They vary in size, effect and the public interest they receive. Typically, Government bills are introduced by a Cabinet Minister in the House of Commons (C-bills), but this type of legislation (S-bills) can also originate in the Senate if it does not initiate spending or impose a tax.

Here’s a list of Government legislation currently before the Senate.


Bill S-13: An Act to amend the Interpretation Act and to make related amendments to other Acts

Sponsor: Senator Patti LaBoucane-Benson

  • This legislation amends the federal Interpretation Act to include a non-derogation clause on upholding section 35 Aboriginal and treaty rights.


Bill C-21: An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms)

Sponsor: Senator Hassan Yussuff

  • This legislation aims to address firearms violence in Canada and implement preventative measures.


Bill C-29: National Council for Reconciliation Act

Sponsor: Senator Michèle Audette

  • This legislation provides for the establishment of a national council for reconciliation as an independent, non-political, permanent and Indigenous-led organization whose purpose is to advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.


Bill C-35: Canada Early Learning and Child Care Act

Sponsor: Senator Rosemary Moodie

  • This enactment sets out the Government’s vision for a Canada-wide early learning and child care system, as well as a commitment to maintaining long-term funding to the provinces and Indigenous peoples.


Bill C-42: An Act to amend the Canada Business Corporations Act and to make consequential and related amendments to other Acts

Sponsor: Senator Percy Downe

  • This legislation aims to bring greater transparency to corporate Canada.


Bill C-48: An Act to amend the Criminal Code (bail reform)

Sponsor: Senator Marc Gold

  • This legislation aims to strengthen Canada’s bail laws.

Government bills before the Senate