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New Senator for Nova Scotia welcomed to Red Chamber

Senator Colin Deacon is the 37th independent Senator appointed under a new process.

Senator Colin Deacon was welcomed to the Red Chamber for the first time on Monday, after being appointed to represent Nova Scotia.

Senator Colin Deacon (centre) is welcomed to the Red Chamber by Senator Percy Downe (left) and Senator Peter Harder (right) on June 18, 2018. (photo: Greg Kolz)

The current Government created an independent advisory board with a mandate to provide merit-based recommendations for Senate appointments. So far, 37 independent Senators have been appointed under the new process.

Senator Peter Harder, the Government Representative in the Senate, made the following statement on Monday.

“It is my pleasure, as the Government Representative in the Senate, to welcome our newest colleague, the Honourable Colin Deacon, here to represent his province of Nova Scotia.

Senator Deacon’s career has been remarkable. As a 21st-century entrepreneur, he understands that innovation is key to economic development. His success in business extends to the charitable sector, where he has been very active on the board of various organizations dedicated to children’s health and well-being and to helping those in need in Halifax.

We also understand the importance of innovation for a strong economy.

What Senator Deacon brings to this chamber is experience helping transform ideas into products and services that improve lives, create jobs and contribute to a stronger Canadian economy.

As an entrepreneur and leader, Senator Deacon has played an important role in leading and helping grow technology start-ups across Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

His experience in citizenship engagement and design thinking have prepared him as a valuable contributor to public policy in this legislature.

Senator Deacon, please know that while this chamber is steeped in traditions and rituals, the Senate is also a place where innovation takes place.

From the appointment process that brought you here, to the formation of different groups, to the way this chamber deliberates and debates, we are innovating in the way we carry out our responsibilities as the chamber of sober second thought.

As you know well from business, disruption and change, while challenging, can create opportunities for excellence. I think you will find those opportunities as you make yourself at home here in the Senate.

Honourable colleagues, on a more personal note, Senator Deacon is known for his warmth and humanitarian qualities, his dedication to family and friends, and a deep awareness of issues affecting our society.

He brings with him a positive attitude and proven problem-solving skills which I know will be welcomed and valued here among us.

Welcome to the Senate, Senator Deacon.”

New Senator for Nova Scotia welcomed to Red Chamber