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Online streaming bill adopted at second reading

The Senate has been studying Bill C-11 since June.

Legislation to update Canada’s broadcasting laws has been adopted at second reading in the Senate.

Bill C-11, known as the Online Streaming Act, aims to ensure that online streaming services contribute, in an equitable and flexible way, to the creation of Canadian content, among other measures. It also prioritizes support for content from francophone, Indigenous, LGBTQ2+ and racialized creators.

The Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications, which began a pre-study on the legislation in June, continues its study.

Senator Dennis Dawson, sponsor in the Senate, said the legislation modernizes broadcasting laws to reflect the present while also preparing for the future.

“Bill C-11 is important to Canadians. We have heard from our cultural sectors that the passage of Bill C-11 is important. We have heard from our broadcasting sectors that passage of this bill is urgent,” he said during his second reading speech in the Senate.

“This must be done in a way that appropriately considers the technological realities, business models and dynamics at play in the current Canadian broadcasting system. The law needs to establish an updated regulatory framework with clear guidance, the necessary tools and the flexibility needed to maintain its relevance.”

Read his full second reading speech here.

Online streaming bill adopted at second reading