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Senate agrees to extend hybrid sittings

Senate extends sitting until Tuesday, June 29.

The Senate has unanimously agreed to extend its hybrid sitting model until June 29, allowing the term to continue in an effort to achieve some progress on key Government priorities.

  • Find out more about the Senate’s hybrid sitting model here.

Senators have been eager to receive legislation from the House of Commons so they can in turn conduct sober second thought. Since May, the Senate has studied – and passed – eight Government bills, including three that advance recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Bill C-5, Bill C-8 and Bill C-15).

Unfortunately, with challenging dynamics in the House, the Senate has received four important bills at the eleventh hour, with little time left to move them forward with debate and committee study.

“Because the Senate has received these bills so late in the calendar and at the expiration of our hybrid agreement, any legislative progress on these items will require tremendous collaboration from all sides of the chamber,” said Senator Marc Gold, the Government Representative in the Senate.

“I am hearing that there is a broadly shared desire among senators to properly debate and study these bills. Nevertheless, I am confident that the Senate can achieve some real progress by June 29.”

While Bill C-30, budget implementation legislation, and Bill C-12, to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, were only introduced in the Senate today, both have been the subject of pre-studies in Senate committees.

“With these additional days of debate, I am hopeful these two priority bills can make it to the finish line by June 29,” Senator Gold said.

Second reading debate of Bills C-6, on conversion therapy, and C-10, to update the Broadcasting Act, began today, with more debate expected Monday and Tuesday prior to referral to committee for further study.

“Given the hand the Senate has been dealt, I am pleased that my colleagues have given unanimous consent to extend our work calendar to move bills further along the legislative process,” he said.

Senate agrees to extend hybrid sittings