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Senate observes minute of silence following tragedy in Toronto

Following a minute of silence in the Red Chamber, Senators paid tribute to those killed and injured in Toronto.

Read the statement by Senator Peter Harder, the Government Representative in the Senate, delivered on April 24, 2018.

“We find ourselves gathering once again to express our disbelief and shock in the face of horror and tragedy.

That a sunny day in a long awaited spring—the kind of day that brings out the best in people, and brings people outside—should be a day of darkness and senseless death is beyond our comprehension.

It is too soon to speculate or do more than mourn those who lost their lives and comfort those who are healing and grieving with open and compassionate hearts.

Once again, we express our thanks and deepest respect for first responders who, selflessly and bravely, protect and save lives, and bring order and caring to scenes of chaos and suffering.

We also acknowledge the leadership of municipal, provincial, and federal authorities to make sense of the senseless and protect us all from harm.

Indeed, just as the horrific actions that led to this tragedy in no way represent who we are as Canadians, our response to this tragedy is very much an expression of who we are.

To the city of Toronto, we grieve with you and know that the vital energy of your great city—a city that is safe and livable—will turn to the important task of healing and caring.

Once again, as Canadians, we draw on our well of compassion—a source that is deep and generous.

Once again, we rise in respect and silence as well as  offer words in the hope that they offer solace, and give expression to our boundless empathy and solidarity.”

Senate observes minute of silence following tragedy in Toronto