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Statement on the senseless attacks in Quebec City

Senator Marc Gold delivered a statement in the Senate following the October 31 attack that killed two and injured five.

“I rise today to express my great sadness about the events that took place in Quebec City on Halloween night. This was a senseless, deliberate attack on innocent victims chosen at random. Two people were killed and five others were injured by a young man in a costume who was carrying a sword. No one could have foreseen such hatred on this night of fun.

Authorities believe that the young man planned the attack and went to Quebec City with the intention of causing as much damage and violence as possible. They are not attributing his actions to religious beliefs or terrorist intentions.

Honourable senators, regardless of what we see or read in the media from around the world, witnessing such events here in Canada is extremely disturbing. Losing a loved one to such a senseless act causes heartbreak and unimaginable pain.

On behalf of this chamber, I want to offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Suzanne Clermont, age 61, and François Duchesne, age 56.

Suzanne was a hairstylist and had a very close circle of friends. She was described as kind and friendly. She had organized socially distanced gatherings in the park across from her house, where she and her friends met in the evenings to talk and laugh during these difficult times. Everyone is mourning her loss.

François Duchesne was the director of communications and marketing at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. He was out jogging when he was attacked. His sister described him as a truly good man, and his colleagues said he was always smiling and made everyone feel comfortable. He was also very involved in his community and a key volunteer with Operation Red Nose. The families of both victims are devastated.

To those who were wounded during this nightmare, our prayers are with you as you begin your recovery.

As a senator, I represent a portion of that wonderful part of Old Quebec. This tragedy breaks my heart.

Please know that I share your great pain.

Statement on the senseless attacks in Quebec City